In the spirit of Chinese literati painting, 'SKIRTS grapple with the problem of before and after and what holds a body of work together.  Where one phase leaves off and another begins, omission becomes an essential part of the tension  between them and lends new meaning to what is split off or withdrawn.  Incompleteness, which permeates this continuous transitory process, offers a means to break away from finished work that is not necessarily done.

The paintings fall under the heading, 'SKIRTS, to instill them with meaning and to signify an approach that takes form and represents what is behind the word.  Referring to several different things, including browsing and researching, the question is what 'SKIRTS stand for and if they allow for putting forth a point of view.

Landscape, (ecology, ideology, state of mind), is a horizontal register of folded surfaces, borders and boundaries, as much as it is connections, partitions and separations that determine how you situate yourself in the current discourse in private and in public. Evocative rather than informative, painting borrows from visible aspects of the landscape to deal with the invisible world of inner feelings.  Like a series of essays or bits of dialogue, digressions, change of subject, incoherence and conclusions are overcome, surpassed and ceaselessly modified.  Emotional content, which is revealed obliquely, remains reserved, but everything alludes to it because vagueness renders emotions pregnant with meaning. My goal is to hint at something that pushes indeterminacy of meaning further and to give rise to debate on how to interpret it.